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tv   7 News Now at 430 AM  ABC  September 8, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MDT

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neighbors outraged after learning what happened neighbor's autistic son. the super bowl rematch tonight. >> let's head to lisa to find out about the tailgating and the game. >> i'm really hot right now, i figure i would start this season with a sweater dress. it will be beautiful skies clearing and patchy fog.
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now clear skies in denver. here's a look from our camera in akron and not as much fog as yesterday. mid to upper 70s this afternoon, closer to 90 by 3:00. it's a warm one by 6:00 and clear skies, perfect for tonight's game. dropping into the 70s before the game. mid up 80s in store eastern colorado today. as you get up in the mountains 70s and 80s there. here's your first alert it will be cooler tomorrow. we're tracking a cold front and we'll show you what that means for showers. >> mitch is asking for better game time weather. the southbound side of i-25 is looking great. it's a mad house on i-25 obviously around the stadium later today so be prepared for a
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early. they're hoping everyone gets in the stadium before the 6:30 kick off so we'll see that push today. take a look at the overall map. a lot of green out there wrapping up the work. the north side nice a and quiet. the some streets closing down around bannic and 14th as well as other restrictions continuing there this morning. for the first alert desk, we're tracking a concerning situation in las vegas where middle sch at their school because of a hazmat situation that started yesterday. reports that a student brought mercury to walter johnson high yesterday prompting a lock down and students were held into the night to be screened. fire and rescue said at least five children were exposed to mercury. at 2:00 a.m. there was still an unknown number of students at the school.
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a father is in jail accused of starving his son to death. the boy was only 88 pounds. he's legally blind and autistic. his parents found his unconscious and called an ambulance. they only gave him 7-8 sodas a day and snack foods. when police interviewed the dad he seemed mor the social security checks. >> i can't believe someone can do that to their own kid. >> the teen needs four weeks of intensive treatment before his life is no longer considered at risk plus six months to reach an appropriate weight. his dad remains in skwal and the mom is out on bound. denver police have arrested
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night. the victim's name has not been released. the restaurant is hosting a benefit come saturday to pay for benefits. lakewood police still looking for this man who worked with three other men on a kidnapping for ransom plot. the kidnappers demanded half a million dollars for his family. after days of negotiatton $200,000 was droppedff victim was releasee. lakewood police are working with the fbi to track him down. take a look at this photograph. it's definitely blurry but it's best picture we have of a dangerous suspect. police say this man tried to use a knife while trying to car jack a best buy employee. the suspect then ran away and stole someone else's car. police believe he crashed that
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down 104th street. he was last seennin a white pick up truck with a license place of qwm 516. this man is wanted in connection with a car jacking. he was traling east from la sal in a chevy suv the department of veteran affairs will have to explain how the aurora hospital went way over budget. the house veterans affair committee issued a subpoena yesterday forcing the va to turn over hundreds of pages of budget documents. a blind denver veteran is fighting the da after he couldn't bring his guide dog into a dental appoint.
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they changed their policy and they thought the problem was resolved last week when he was told he couldn't bring his dog in the room. >> i'm tired of being treated like a second class surgeon. >> in the case of orlando surgery it's not appropriate to bring an animal in the area. >> they say they allow service dogs in most areas but the medical providers say they pay for him to get treated in a non-va facilities. the broncos hoping for a super bowl repeat. the last time they went back to back was new england patriots
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this morning. we'll get to that report coming up. the party is really going on all day long. some people are skipping work out, you think? maybe to visit the nfl kick off celebration. >> one of the guys is actually doing it is our own jason gruenauer. 0. >> reporter: this is where the concert will be and in the middle of civic park this is where the kickoff party will be.
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he and it will be open again today 10:00 to 6:00. entrances off of colfax and broadway. you can meet some broncos greatings and we'll hear more about ta coming up. gates to the concert open at ec about last year super bowl champions and then dierks bentley and one republic will rock the stanl. fans a seats earlier for the championship celebration at sports authority field at mile high. by the ay, a certain one is going to be here later on this morning -- peyton manning will be at the nfl kick off village before it opens to he public. we're going to see if we can't snag a quick shot or hand shake
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himself. thank you, jason. a man is mad this morning after someone trashed his truck after he parked it somewhere in an act of protests. one local fire department wants to reunite someone with their lost wedding band. here's your first alert that we're in for a warm day. yesterday was hot. near 90 degrees this afternoon.
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a deep dark culture of rats discrimination is the claim filed by a fort collins police officer. >> both officers say they were discriminated against latino. they claim a long systematic system of abuse within the fort collins police department. >> as soon as they become officers they hit a glass ceiling and moving upward is virtually impossible. there's a boys club there that is not welcoming of latino officers. >> denver7 news spoke to fort collins police. they plan to issue a statement on this soon.
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first alert desk we're tracking a sittation in phoenix. police are looking for three dangerous suspects who shot and killed a woman while she was driving a car on a state highway. the woman was shot by one of the occupants in the other vehicle. the three described as hispanic men in a white pick up truck. as the woman was calling 911, police heard shots fired then they got to the scene and found her vehicle crashed and other vehicles involved in the hospital. police are still investigating this and again looking for suspects this morning. right now it's 4:43. this woman, shawn west is in jail this morning accused of stealing thousands of dollars art work. here's an examples of the work.
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from the artist's home. a local taco truck is targeted by criminals because the owner parked the truck outside donald trump's campaign office in protests. about $300 was taken and the owner has been getting death threats on his personal cell phone. denver police are investigating. elizabeth firefighters got more than t a wedding band was fouud in the collection pot along with 19 thousand dollars raised. officials don't know who the ring belongs to. if you're missing your wedding bandall the elizabeth fire department. >> my husband loses his all the time. take a look from the airport
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where we had patchy fog yesterday. here's your cheat for today. another warm one and temperatures in the upper 80s to near 90. great football weather. the front rolling through tomorrow bringing our temperatures down. futurecast showing potentially patchy fog out east. jason and i were looking through cameras and not seeing much fog this morning but it could develop here in the next couple collins looking at clear skies and a lot of sunshine today. if we get any storms, very isolated and well off to the otherwise dry clear conditions through tonight and it's going to be another warm one this afternoon. so by early tomorrow morning at 7:00, temperatures tomorrow in the 50s and 60s. highs near 95 degrees.
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high in denver of 89. it's warm and well above normal. ests park at 77. parker a high of 86 and in denver near 90 by 4:00. most mountain towns 70s and a few low 80s and grand junction this afternoon at 90. tomorrow a pretty drastic cool down but this is a really weak cold we're expecting lots of sunshine thursday through the weekend. 77 is a good number. >> we may need triple hot spots. >> here's the other storm we're tracking next week. monday into tuesday a chance for storms on monday and quite a bit
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the most important thing -- tonight's game. here's your broncos planner. likely for the start of the game in the low to mid 80s. lots of sun sunshine. you'll need sunscreen if you're tailgating. dropping to 79 by 7:00 and 72 around 9:00. so it's going to be great weather. you can sit in the stands in a t-shirt. >> might be hot for >> they make millions of dollars, they will be fine. >> yeah, because they don't sweat. a good drive going on for most of us including 6th avenue coming from the west side of town. take a look at the map and you see easy driving on c-470 and santa fe. not seeing any accidents or stalls. that work on pena boulevard wrapping that up now to get to the airport. you can see the security wait time less than 20 minutes.
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work so traffic should be moving fine getting out the the airport. imagine only goinn to work for two hours a week. sounds good but there is is a catch. you only get to eat once a week and your meal is a live grass hopper. >> reporter: the butter pavilion in westminster is home to 1600 butterflies but one volunteer says there's another residence just it's rosy, the ta ranrantula. >> we work the females because their generally a little calmmr. >> reporter: the spiders rrtate work shifts. >> no more than 1-2-hour shift once a week. >> reporter: he puts in double
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weekly grass hopper and he's given his time here for 19 years. >> it's fun. if it weren't fun i wouldn't be doing it. >> he also volunteers at the museum of nature and society. >> rich gives his time because he welcomes the chance to educate kids and families about science including the often misunderstood creatures like these spiders. >> they have an undeserved reputation, mostly from bad movies. . >> reporter: we would like to honor you as a denver seven every day hero. >> are you serious? i have a terrific time working. >> click on our community section to nominate somebody for the seven every day heroes.
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come on duck! (puppy barks) you can do it duck. hurry up duck! you can do it duck. iams. helps keep your dog healthy at every stage. so you can always look forward to what's next. three states including
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up. native american groups in the state in north dakota are protesting the pipeline. >> i saw a icture of people in france in front of the eiffel tower so the support is huge. >> theetribe will need more support in the coming days. there are two big hearings coming up in north dakota and washington happening over the weekend. construction should continue. it is now 4:53 on this thursday morning temperatures in the 60s this afternoon. a lot of sunshine. this light green is where we could pick up thunderstorms. the dark green hits northwestern colorado and down in the southeast some severe weather. otherwise, a good three quarters of the state under sunshine today. this morning send your kids out
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lots of sunshine and hot this afternoon. upper 80s to near 90 degrees when you pick them up from the bus stop. don't send them out the door with a sweater dress. that's what i recommend. >> but a broncos tie would work well for them. light drive. anywhere you want to go including the airport, you see a lot of green out there. easy driving for us anywhere you want to head. at big announcement event. what's on the horizon and how is the user experience about to change? the details in today's tech bytes rfrnlts apple says hit the road jack. the company confirmed the iphone will not have a head phone jack. >> they will also bb water resistant. apple starts taking orders
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will listen to music on your iphone 7. it will come with an adapter. >> or you can order the wireless ear buds that go on sell next month for 150 dollars. amazon put up a page of accessories and the twitter account revealed the phone those are your tech bytes. have a great day. in local tech news now, you all know about tinder, the dating app where you swipe right if you like what you see? if you're looking for something deeper, a cu student has come up with an idea. shawn s going out on a lot of tinder dates and quickly realized they had nothing in common. he came up with a new app, basically a dating game.
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questions you come up with, just something that might help you to pass the quiz to qualify. >> you see that someone pass your quiz and now you have to pass their quiz as well to message them. so you both have to qualify for each other. we try to eliminate the bad dates. >> the app qualifies only for cu students which is nice for the students to meet each other the hope is to expand this to otherrcollege campuses and i've been profilinghese businesses out of cu and more on our website. >> i don't think i qualify. >> so what is one of his questions? >> he says he asked them about lord of the rings. that's what he's into. >> oh, i wouldn't know anything. >> yeah, i would miss that also. >> i would get that confused. donald trump and hillary
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their plans to get it done is drastically different. thousands of broncos fans will fill mile hh tonight. their cars could end up on the auction block if not careful. lisa has yourrgame day
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(vo) we went to hollywood to ask if america's favorites - burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey. thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth to find out.
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the hunt is on to ffnd this guy who has already committed violent crimes. healthcare department off the hook. let's check your game day forecast with lisa hidalgo this morning. it's erfect tonight. this morning still seeing some patchy fog and a few thunderstorms moving overnnght but skies are clearing and lots of sunshine today for denver and a hot afternoon. so by 4:00 we'll be in the upper 80s. denver today a high of 89.


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